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Tips to Make Meal Prep Easy and a Few Fave Recipes

I really don’t love to meal prep, BUT it’s SO HELPFUL… so meal prep we do!

It’s particularly easy if you have some great, simple recipes that you can make on hand and keep at the ready for a few moments when you come up for air with some extra time for preparation.

There’s a few key things to keep in mind when meal prepping, here’s my top list:

  1. Veggies… they’re a must on the meal prep list- at least 50% of what you’re making should include veggies.
  2. Protein… the next most important, and it should be protein that’s EASY to make, and store and pair with anything.
  3. Chopping things that will go bad if you prepare them way ahead… it’s partial meal prep, but still SO important.
  4. Sauces and things… keep them separate and on the side, they’ll do better mixed in later on.

OK so here’s how I think about my week when it comes to meal prepping.

First, I think about the protein I can use most readily in any dish (ahem, chicken or turkey meatballs lately).

Second, I think of easy vegetables to make and have with any dish, like in a salad, on it’s own or paired with a protein (sweet potatoes, romaine lettuce salads, broccoli (steamed)… that kind of stuff).

Third, what I’ll need to get later on in the week that I may not have time for right now, plus a few other things:

  • Proteins- what am I making today and what will I make later in the week?
  • Veggies- what will stay for a few days and what will I need to remake?
  • Grains?
  • How much am I going out for dinner or another meal this week?

OK, so here’s a few of my fave things to meal prep:


Blueberry Coconut Sprouted Oatmeal

Blueberry Muffins (be prepared to have something protein to make alongside)

Savory Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl


Cauliflower Veggie Bowls with Chicken 

Mini Turkey Sliders

Easy BBQ Salmon with Roasted Veggies

We’ll be talking a LOT more about what we’re meal prepping, but let’s get this convo started!

What’s your favorite thing to meal prep? Leave us a comment below!