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Nomato Tomato Sauce Recipe

No tomatoes? No problem! Check out my new tomato-free nomato tomato sauce. I love this recipe. I also love tomatoes, but lately have found that they may not love me…
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Natural Cranberry Sauce

As a child if you asked me what my favorite holiday food was, my answer certainly would have been cranberry sauce- and it's still one of my favorites. But yikes!…
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Simple Guacamole

It's summertime, and there's nothing better than a great dip for parties, gatherings, or even your basic lunch. This simple guacamole recipe is a sure crowd-pleaser and can be adapted…
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Easy Kale Pesto

There's nothing better than a fresh pesto, especially in the summertime on a warm day! This easy kale pesto is a variation from a more traditional pesto as there isn't…
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