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What a Nutritionist Eats

I spend so much of my day asking my clients what they eat, and in return I’m sometimes asked the same question right back- “well, what do you eat?”- and fair enough!

I think in order for me to really make recommendations to my clients, it’s so important for me to walk the walk and talk the talk too! After all, who wants to take advice from someone who doesn’t do it themselves? Not me!

So to answer the question of what I eat, I thought I would pull together for you my typical eating day, so that you can see it. I’m a believer in lots of vegetables (if you work with me, you’ll certainly hear that!), minimally processed foods, lean protein (animal or plant-based), frequent eating, and lots of fluids.

So, here it is! What a nutritionist eats….

Breakfast: (7-8 am)

I always start the day with a big breakfast- after all, I think it’s the most important meal of the day. I always start with a big bowl of gluten free rolled oats. In my oats there’s about 1 Tbsp chia seeds, 1-2 Tbsp nuts, 1-2 Tbsp shredded and unsweetened coconut, and a piece of fruit- usually a banana. This breakfast powers me up, and because I add so much healthy fat it helps to prevent a blood sugar spike- so I’m powered throughout the morning.

See below my Banana Nut Oatmeal:

Lunch: (12-1 pm)

Lunch is always a big plate of vegetables (see below), and then on top of it I will usually add a turkey burger, piece of chicken or some other type of protein. I find that my body really needs protein, so this is a non-negotiable for me, especially in the middle of the day. I also try really hard to fill myself up with loads of vegetables because they’re rich in fiber, so this can help to sustain me into the afternoon (always a good thing!). Finally at lunch I also try to keep starchy carbs low because they make me totally exhausted- and instead will add some butternut squash or sweet potato if I need to replenish carbs used in exercise during the morning.

Snack #1: (2-3 pm)
Snacks are a total favorite of mine. And for me snacks are also a non-negotiable, so I usually have about two of them. It will usually be either a juice or a smoothie for my first snack then some banana and almond butter or fruit and nuts for the second. I focus on getting either some fiber or fat/protein to help keep me full through dinnertime.


See below my Green Veggie Smoothie:


Dinner: (7-8 pm)
Dinner is the meal that I try to find a way to cut back on portion size because after all, I’m going to be sleeping and don’t need all that energy. I also try to keep this meal mostly protein and vegetables (lots and lots of vegetables!!) because I find that I wake up with more energy the morning. So, I usually have some sort of salad or cooked vegetables with a protein like fish, or chicken and a side of a small starch if I feel like I need it (like the small addition of beans below). Below is my favorite way to make tacos- using a lettuce leaf instead!

See below for my Paleo Tacos:


Dessert: (After dinner)
YES! I eat dessert- I get so many questions about this. I certainly do eat dessert, most days of the week. It may be some dried fruit, a cookie I made, some dairy free ice cream, or a few pieces of chocolate. I don’t believe in depriving myself, so I do my best to have something sweet when I want it.

See below my Gluten Free Oat Cookies