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5 Ways to Get Outside More

Today (April 22) is Earth Day! It’s a whole day dedicated to our gorgeous planet earth. I certainly feel like no matter how hard I try, I can’t possibly spend enough time outside enjoying the beauty that it holds. So to help you (and me too!) spend a little more time outside today I have made an easy list of 5 ways to get outside more- today and every day!

If you’re walking in Central Park today you may see me out there too (as long as it doesn’t rain) walking my dogs Sasha and Henry- we love it out there. Although I’m writing this post for today (Earth Day) I want to encourage you to get outside more often in general. There’s a lot of benefit to getting outside more- like we can get more vitamin D, boost your mood, get some exercise, clear your head, and more.

5 ways get outside more (today and every day!):

  1. Eat lunch outside: I’m always telling clients to turn off their phones and computers and be more mindful while eating (it helps us to eat less- truly). So this is a great way to help make you more mindful, and get you outside. Take your lunch outside, and bring a friend. Community (i.e. friends) can also boost our mood and increase chances of being successful and happy with our healthy lifestyle efforts.
  2. Meditate outside: Meditation is another thing that I’m always working on, and also always telling my clients to do more of. It can help to turn us inward and focus on what we might otherwise be trying to avoid (i.e. feelings). If you’re trying to start meditating or if you already have a good practice going, try taking your meditation to a park bench or to a nice spot by the river.
  3. Drink a green smoothie in the park: There’s nothing like a nice green smoothie (one that matches the color of the grass). They’re loaded with nutrients and they make you feel good. So instead of drinking yours at your desk, take it outside today.
  4. Go for a walk with fido: Walking your dog is good for both you and your pet. Spend an extra 5-10 minutes outside today walking your dog (or your friends dog). It’s a great way to meet people and a great way to clear your head too. My favorite place to walk here in the city is in Central Park or along the Hudson River.
  5. Take your workout outside: Finally (but not least important), it’s a nice change of pace and speed when we mix up our workouts. One of the best ways to do this is to take ourselves out of the gym and get sweaty outside. Here’s a list of things you can do outside:

Enjoy Earth Day and if you’re looking for another way to get even greener, try making some of these Natural Cleaning Solutions.