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5 Tips for a Positive Day

5 tips for a positive day

Let’s be honest, every day isn’t going to be your best day,

and it’s also certainly not always going to be easy to get out of bed and get going for the day. But what if I told you that you could simply make your day more positive, quite easily,

Well, good news. You can, So listen up.

Most of the things that influence our feeling about a day are entirely able to be influenced by one key factor… YOU! One of the biggest issues that I find with my clients (and in general and even with myself) is that it’s really easy to put ourselves down for an entire day, week, month and year by the way we talk to ourselves, position things in our minds and look at the situations we face.

In any situation the absolute most important thing we can do is be kind to ourselves, which means being patient with our emotions and feelings. Sounds pretty easy, but it’s often more difficult than it sounds.

To help you make each day just a little easier and more positive, here’s 5 key tips for a positive day (it basically starts from the time you wake up!).

  1. Start your day with a kind word:

    Start your day by writing down a kind sentiment that you have about yourself. It’s REALLY easy to start your day with a negative thought- but it really doesn’t get you anywhere. So instead, keep a notepad by your bed and first thing in the morning write something kind down about yourself to start your day. Hint: It can be absolutely anything- as long as it’s nice.

  2. Start your day with meditation:

    Meditation is a lovely way to start the day because it’s calming, peaceful and helps us to reflect inward. Inward reflection can help us to be more kind and compassionate with ourselves. Don’t forget- meditation can mean a bunch of things- from 5 seconds to 50 minutes. Do what you can and start in an accessible place for you and your body.

  3.  Send yourself a love note:

    Sometimes it can be hard to get up and write ourselves love notes, so this sort of exercise can often be more accessible by beginning with thanking the universe for things that you have or are able to do (hint- start with things you’re more grateful to be able to do because it’s a stronger sentiment). For example, this morning I spent time thinking about how grateful I am that I have a body that moves and allows me to walk my dogs, exercise and do all the I want to do.

  4. Start your day with a walk in nature:

    This is something that I cannot stress its’ importance enough. I personally do this and it’s been a game changer for me. Nature is peaceful and helps to nourish our yin, so being out there with the birds, and flowers, and maybe even your four-legged friends (or someone else’s) can help to start your day in a more peaceful way. Even if it’s a short walk- anything helps us! So give it a shot.

  5. Send a few nice words to a friend or family member:

    Although this final suggestion is geared at someone else, and not you, it can still help you to be more mindful of kindness and love, and this sentiment can also transfer to you and your words towards yourself. Make sure it’s a kind sentiment, because a negative one won’t help you feel more positive about YOU! It all starts with you, don’t forget that, but I also believe that telling those around you that you love them helps to open your heart not only to them, but to yourself too.

Remember nothing happens immediately and instead, everything is a process, so be kind and patient!

It’s a lot about acceptance- of ourselves firstly and then of others.

Happy Monday!