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Fitness Gift Guide 2016

The holidays are just around the corner, and if you’re like me you’re still shopping for presents (eek!). I love to give gifts that I would love to receive- so, often those on my Christmas list will end up with fitness […]

12 Minute Cardio Workout

Quick and simple workouts that can be done anywhere are a favorite go-to of mine. This workout will surely get you sweating and will get your heart rate up too. This cardio workout can be adjusted for many different fitness […]

15 Minute Summer Ab Series 2

This quick ab workout will be sure to leave you a little sore, but a lot stronger—especially if you repeat the 15-minute workout on a weekly basis. This ab series is simple yet effective and the best part is that […]

7 Minute Beach Body Workout

Summer is just around the corner! So there’s a lot of buzz about getting that perfect summer body. If you haven’t already started to think about it, I’m sure you soon will! To help you get your summer bod, I’ve created this […]

5 Benefits of Walking

Walking, it’s something that we all do at one time or another, and I think often we overlook just how good it is for us. So today, on National Walking Day, I want to draw attention to the many benefits […]

5 Stretches for Your Hips

This week I spent more time relaxing than I usually do thanks to a healthy dose of laryngitis. Due to my newly found down time, I spent more time thinking and practicing more stretching- particularly my hips that got so tight from […]

24 Minute Total Body Workout

I love to do workouts that are simple, require no equipment (besides your shoes of course) and that you can do rain or shine and cold or warm. I did this workout outside today (in the cold weather) and it […]

Top Fitness Gifts 2015

The 2015 holiday season is here! And so are all of us gift-buyers looking for new ideas. Looking for ideas for all those fitness-crazed people in your life? Check out my top fitness gifts for 2015 below. Rumble Roller Foam […]