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Fisher Towers

The details on our amazing Moab trip!

The trip was truly amazing, the scenery beautiful, and quite hot in August (100+ degrees every day). But to anyone who wants to go I would highly recommend.

How to get there:

  • Fly into Salt Lake City and drive 4 hours
  • Fly into grand junction CO and drive an hour and a half 
  • Drive from somewhere else!

Food in town:

Honestly it’s not a foodie town, the food was eh and we ate most of our meals at the Sorrel River Ranch (because that was amazing with their own garden and well sourced food)

  • more restaurant names below 

Where we stayed:

  • Sorrel River Ranch and it was amazing – I highly recommend it 
  • Others below!

Here it is, our Itinerary (blog-style, I kept it as we went!)

Day 1:

Arrive in SLC, stop at Whole Foods in SLC pick up lots of food for our Moab trip, drive to sorrel river ranch 

  • Hiked most of Fischer towers (hard to find the trail head)- later on we realized we had only gone about 1/2 of the way- the full way was DEFINITELY worth it!
  • Had dinner at Sorrel River Ranch – it was amazing, local bass with local veggies – the chef was super accommodating with my allergies – all week!
  • Finished the day with complementary s’mores by the fire – we ended up doing this EVERY DAY  

Day 2:

Morning yoga by the Colorado river – a MAJOR highlight of the trip!

  • Wake up at 6 am (8 hours later!)
  • Smoothie bowl breakfast after a walk to get tea
  • Riverside yoga 
  • Another breakfast (eating enough while being this active is SUPER important!)
  • Off to Arches National Park! (Planning to do delicate arch and devils garden let’s see how far we get
  • Hiked to Delicate Arch- it’s a bit of a trek but totally worth it- but our camera died! So back to the ranch to get another before another adventure 
  • Lunch at Sorrel River Ranch – a delicious farm veggie salad and roasted veggies 
  • Back out to Canyonlands – upheaval dome- definitely worth seeing – we hiked to the first and second outlook points, then to grand view for the sunset which was spectacular (it’s far away so budget it into your timeline!)
  • First night for dinner In Moab- went to peace tree cafe- not my favorite food but exhausted so it’ll do 🤗

Day 3:

Up early, a quick yoga flow/stretch- breakfast then off to devils garden!

  • Devils garden primitive trail – long and hard but AWESOEM- the regular to the end is quite enough but if you’re extra ambitious go for the full thing!
  • Back to the ranch to have lunch, hang out and relax 
  • Afternoon hike to sorrel ridge – and petting animals at the petting zoo 
  • Dinner at the ranch I’m obsessed with their clean farm to table food!
  • S’mores by the fire of course – and meeting wonderful people ( and networking!)

Day 4:

Up early to drive into town to get fiery furnace pass (a part of arches that you need a pass to hike- it’s an aggressive hike without a trail so we decided to get a ranger to hike with!)

  • Back for morning yoga at sorrel river ranch!
  • A quick smoothie bowl breakfast and off to hike fisher towers for the second time but this time we’re determined to finish and honestly it’s my favorite hike thus far 
  • Back for lunch- feeling really hungry – got a salad with chicken and two sides of roasted veggies plus a Hershey’s chocolate bar – I’ll be full for a while
  • Out for a stroll- went to an easy part of arches national park called park Avenue for a stroll – then found a great natural food store called moon flower – picked up some faves – rice cakes, rice puff cereal, granola for Paul, some all natural sweet gummies and blueberries
  • Back to the ranch for a horseback ride before dinner! (Which was so magical- I did a little reiki on the horse to align our energies and it was a wonderful idea)
  • Back at the ranch for dinner again- they’ve been teriffic with my allergies – sea bass, carrots, Brussels and cauliflower – simply made from the garden 
  • S’mores to finish the night!

Day 5: 

  • Slept 8 hours!
  • Up and breakfast (smoothie bowl, duh)
  • Off to grandstaf trail for a flat hike before our afternoon hilly rocky hike later (granstaf was awesome! A mix of flat- rocky and water and an arch at the end!)
  • Back for lunch at sorrel- lots of sandwiches in town but not lots of salads so back for my roasted veggies and salad
  • Fiery furnace hike with a park ranger – moved slowly but was pretty cool and we wouldn’t have been comfortable doing the unmarked hike alone- 
  • Last night- back at sorrel for dinner by the river ❤️

Day 6:

Sore! Our last morning in the desert 

  • yoga on my mat myself (feeling a little angsty)
  • Smoothie bowl breakfast 
  • Off to bow tie and corona arches right in town- they’re not part of the park but recommended by nearly everyone and if you have a pup this one is one of the few you can take your dog with you on (update- loved corona arch! Absolutely don’t miss this one)
  • Back to sorrel to check out and one more lunch (grabbed car snacks for later on the way!)
  • Dead horse point state park – our final destination before heading back to Salt Lake City and it’s definitely not something to be missed th views are incredible 
  • Ate at Pago in Salt Lake City- which was delish though I wouldn’t recommend it with allergies they had a tough time accommodating me 
  • Stayed at The Kimpton Hotel Monaco in SLC

DAY 7: fly back!

Grand View Point

Places to eat in town: (town food isn’t awesome mostly sandwiches)

  • Moab garage 
  • Desert bistro 
  • Antica forma- pizza and gluten free pizza 
  • Sorrel river ranch (where we ate 90% of the time)
  • 98 center
  • Peace tree cafe 
  • Moonflower natural store 

Hikes/places to visit:

  • Delicate arch 
  • Devils garden – primitive loop 
  • Upheaval dome 
  • Grand view point 
  • Sorrel ridge 
  • Fisher towers 
  • Granstaf trail
  • Fiery furnace – tough!
  • Park avenue – if you’re looking for an easy quick walk 
  • Bow tie and corona arches (in town)
  • Dead horse state park (a must go!)

Other activities to do:

  • Jeeping 
  • canyoneering/ rock climbing 
  • Kayaking 
  • Rafting 
  • Jet boat tours
  • Hiking 
  • Horse back riding 

Other places to stay:

  • plenty of Marriott/best western properties
  • Red cliffs lodge 
  • Moab under canvas 
  • Sorrel river ranch (obviously!)
  • Camp!

Best time of year to go:

  • Spring (May/June)
  • Fall (Sept/Oct)
  • We loved it in the summer but it was HOT!

If you’re trying to plan a trip or have questions please send them my way, I’d love to help you!

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Devils Garden