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6 Holiday Season Self Care Tips

6 Holiday Season Self Care TipsThe holidays can be stressful, really stressful.

We spend a lot of time being really busy, with little rest and lots to do. Most of my clients complain that they feel exhausted, overspent and under appreciated. Well, friends, the appreciation starts with YOU! So as you roll into the holiday season let’s start with ourselves (I know, it should be an un-selfish time of year, but we all need a little attention, truly).
Starting a really good self-care practice can be a major game changer for all of us, as it can help us get in better touch with ourselves, and our world around us, which can make a big difference.
These tips are things that I’ve found really helpful when it comes to making positive self-care advances in our own lives, but it does take a little time, and a little attention. Be patient, you’ll get it! Start small and grow bigger over time.

6 Holiday Season Self Care Tips

1. Spend a few minutes in your at-home quiet place.

Every day, no matter what. Create a space you love, and spend some time there- you can thank me later.

2. Keep your exercise routine.

You might need to tone it down a  little, and that’s ok. But stick with it. I’m the queen of pushing pushing pushing, but honestly at this time even MY energy runs a little dry, so I focus on lower intensity, lower impact exercise, like walking, yoga and things that are moderate paced. It helps me to feel good without taxing my body as much.

3. Watch the alcohol.

Alcohol is great, until it’s not. Alcohol is a natural depressant and can get in the way of sleep and sticking with your regular routine (exercise, food etc)- not to mention it can increase anxiety too. This time of year is anxiety prone anyway, and alcohol consumption can increase anxiety as well- so just be mindful of this! Try to stick to drinking only 1-2 nights a week or less if you can.

4. Keep your fridge stocked (or at least your freezer).

This time of year is super busy and though it’s not impossible to make good choices it can be a little more difficult. Have a list of “must-haves” for your fridge or pantry- fruit, veggies, grab and go snacks.

5. Practice 3-4 minutes of mindfulness daily.

Journal, meditate- start a practice for YOU. It’ll help you cope better with tricky family members, stressed coworkers etc.

6. Treat yourself with non-food items, once a week, at least.

Including things like a massage, baths, an exercise class you love. It’s a time about others but don’t forget to include yourself!

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