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9 Gut Healthy Foods You Should Eat Today

Gut bacteria is at the forefront of many important conversations about health, as more and more research is finding gut bacteria so crucial to so many key aspects of overall health- like digestion (which you may already know), brain health, […]

Pumpkin Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

October is all about pumpkin. Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin spices and herbs, and pumpkin cookies. I wanted to make you some cookies that you could feel good about eating, so I bring you these vegan, gluten free, no-sugar added pumpkin banana […]

Vegan Pumpkin Pancakes

Hello breakfast! I love you. And I love these vegan pumpkin pancakes too. I have tried 10,000 times to make delish and simple (healthy) pancake recipes, and finally I’ve got a WINNER! Not only because this recipe is so easy, […]

3 Simple DIY Skin Scrubs (make these at home!)

We love natural skincare! Especially when we can make easy DIY skincare products at home in our own kitchen, with just a few ingredients. Maybe you hadn’t thought about it, but you can use many of the ingredients that you […]

5 Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated

Did you know, our bodies are about 55-70% water (varies from person to person)- that’s a lot of water! Water plays a key role in so many processes in our bodies- so staying hydrated is super important to our overall […]

Vegan Protein Energy Balls

Protein energy balls make for a great snack pre-workout, at the beach, with you on your travels, between meals or anywhere else you’re looking for something tasty and satisfying! The catch with these energy balls is that they can be […]

6 Detox Tips After a Holiday Weekend

The long holiday weekend is behind us, yet you’re still feeling bloated, lethargic and like you overindulged. No problem, we’re all in the same boat! To help get you back on track in a hurry, I want to share with […]

7 Hydrating Summer Foods

Summer is here and it is a hot one! Whether you ‘re aiming to maintain your hot summer bod with some exercise or heading to the beach for a little “r & r,” you are likely to get a little […]