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7 Minute Beach Body Workout



And there is no better place than to enjoy you long weekend then at the beach. Just because the summer is coming to an end (ugh!) it doesn’t mean it’s too late for you to summer bod ready. To help get you started, I’ve created this 7 minute beach body Labor Day workout that you can do anywhere. In this workout I have combined both strength and cardio to help you get the most out of your time.

So, let’s get it going!

For this workout you’re going to use your timer (cell phone) and set it so that you do each exercise for 1 minute (total 7 minutes, then repeat!!). You will need:

  • Sneakers
  • Water bottle
  • Stop watch

Warm up:


Minute 1: March or jog in place

Minute 2: High knees or continue to march


7 Exercise Circuit:


Exercise 1: Sumo Squat

Squats are a great way to start the workout, because it gets your glutes active (i.e. metabolism revved) and also helps you to warm up. This squat is different than the traditional squat, and is



Exercise 2: Plank

Plank is a classic move that most of us don’t do often enough. This is a basic plank either on hands or forearms.




Exercise 3: Glute busters

Love me some great glute-action (most of us don’t get enough of this). You can do this with both feet on the ground or you can do the exercise as pictured- one side for 30 seconds then switch.



Exercise 4: Commandos

I love this move. It’s an alternating up-down, from plank on your hands to plank on your forearms, one arm at a time. Feel free to use your knees if needed!



Exercise 5: Reverse lunge with twist

This is a classic reverse lunge with a twist- so twist in the direction of the bent knee, squeeze your glute the process! (One side for 30 seconds, the second side for the second 30)



Exercise 6: Pushup with hand-lift

For this exercise, do a pushup (on your knees is fine!), put your whole body on the ground then lift your hands, then push yourself up and repeat.



Exercise 7: Plyo-Mountain climbers

This exercise is basically mountain climbers, but high-speed. You’re jumping between (see above). You can also do traditional mountain climbers here instead.




Repeat this circuit 2 more times! Finish up with a 2- 5 minute cool-down and stretch. 



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