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10 Tips for Cutting Back on Sugar

So many new years resolutions begin with cutting back on sugar. And while I don't agree with new years resolutions that are super restrictive, I do think that most of…
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New Year Same You: Why It’s a Good Thing!

It's good to be YOU! You’re perfect, just the way you are! In 2019, instead of working on changing things and starting anew I want to urge you to focus…
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3 Big Reasons to Ditch the “New Year New Me” Motto

Happy New Year! Since it's Jan 1, have you started thinking about the famous...New Year, New Me...phrase? Not so fast...starting your new year with "new year, new me" can leave…
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30 Day Clean Eating Ebook for Skinny Ms

I have an exciting announcement to start the new year! At the end of 2014 I wrote a 30 day clean eating and weight loss ebook for Skinny Ms and today it has…
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