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The holidays are loaded with both seasonal food and loads of seasonal beverages too. 

In my latest video (above), I discuss healthy holiday beverage swaps that can help you stay trim and healthy both during the holidays and beyond.

My first drink tip:

First, and foremost I recommend to choose the drink that will get you the furthest with the least quantity and the one that will help to keep you the most satisfied.

Healthy Holiday Beverage Swaps:

  1. Lattes: We love them- the chai tea lattes, the pumpkin lattes and more. While they’re so delicious, they’re also absolutely loaded with calories, fat and sugar. You can swap whole-fat milk for skim milk and you can also choose to skip the syrups. You can also choose something like a chai tea instead of a chai tea latte for an easy swap.
  2. Mulled wine: It’s delicious but it’s also loaded with calories, so do yourself a favor and choose regular wine (you’ll save about 50 calories per serving), or make yourself a spritzer with wine and seltzer.
  3. Mixed drinks: These can also be loaded with calories, especially if they’re made from pre-mixed drink mixes. Keep it simple here and choose basic seltzer and liquor or go for wine. A simple way to save yourself calories is on pre-made margaritas. Instead, choose a “skinny” margarita have it made with tequila, a squeeze of lime juice and seltzer.
  4. Eggnog: One serving of traditional eggnog can have as much as 350 calories (or more) per serving. If you can skip it, go ahead, but if you want to have the eggnog either cut down on the portion or go for a “light” version.
  5. Juices and other festive holiday drinks: These can also be loaded with calories and sugar, so try to avoid them, or you also cut them with seltzer (it’s a good trick across the board!).

Enjoy the holidays and stay tuned for more healthy holiday tips! Click here to see other holiday videos.