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Isabel and Molly’s Top Travel Snacks for Summer

Memorial Day is just around the corner, and so is the warm weather (alleluia for that!), barbecues, and TRAVEL. We all love to travel, but travel isn’t always so helpful when it comes to helping us stay on track with our healthful eating, exercise and feeling in control. We all can fall into the same ruts when we travel- and no matter who you are, it’s hard to stick with it when on the go.

As I was sitting thinking about my own travel coming up, I decided that Molly and I should share our favorite travel snacks and put them on our Shop so that you can find them, buy them, and prepare for a fun-filled summer with lots of travel, adventure and staying on track.

Molly and I are experts on smart travel packing when it comes to snacks (oh the places I’ve smuggled food into in the name of staying on track to avoid tummy aches and feeling crummy while traveling), and like with anything, it’s a lot about preparation and feeling prepared and ready to take charge!

So to help you, Molly and I have selected some of our favorites below and also given you reasons why we love them! Head to our Shop to purchase!

Isabel’s Top 5 Favorite Travel Snacks:

#1. Garden of Life, Vanilla Plant Based Protein

I love this stuff. I always recommend taking a protein powder with you when traveling. It’s a quick meal, and in this case is loaded with juiced greens too (not as good as real, juiced greens, sure but better than nothing!). Add this to almond milk or regular milk and have on the go! To the best of my knowledge its not available in packets, so just put some in a baggie and go!


#2. Mini Turkey Jerky by Vermont Smoke and Cure

Protein is one of the hardest things to find on the go (and also keep fresh), I think. There’s plenty of fat options like nuts, but with dietary restrictions I find the protein hard to find. I love these little mini Jerky’s- they’re well sourced, and easy to carry. They come in a larger size but I like the minis because they’re only 35 calories each with 5 g protein, and for a more substantial snack you can have two, for 70 calories and 10 g protein. Yum!


#3. Coconut Wraps by Nuco

I love these coconut wraps, again they’re easy to transport, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free… really, they’re great, and they make it easy to create on the go wraps and snacks that are delicious. For example, as long as you’re not celiac, you could buy a turkey sandwich, ditch the bread and re-wrap in the coconut wrap. Easy, portable meal right there. 1 wrap has 70 calories, 2 g fiber… just don’t forget to add the veggies if you can find them!


#4. Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

Nuts of any sort are a classic travel snack- they’re easily transported and their healthy fat and little bit of protein also helps with satiety. Be cautious though, they’re easy to eat a lot of! I love these sprouted pumpkin seeds as they work for anyone with a nut allergy AND also for anyone who is avoiding lectins- anytime you sprout a nut it becomes lectin free (more in posts coming up on this one!). Seeds are lectin free to begin with, but when sprouted there’s extra protein, which is always great. Add these to a yogurt or have them by themselves!


#5. Organic Seaweed Snacks

There are so many other snacks I could add here (that are also in the store), but there are plenty of high calorie snacks to have on the go, and these are quite the opposite. Seaweed is naturally a good source of thyroid-healthy iodine, brain and mood-healthy folate, bone healthy calcium and zinc, and so much more. The coolest part is that 1 whole container has only 25 calories in it and a whole lot of flavor and goodness. I like this brand, GimMe because they’re organic and non-GMO (a must whenever possible!).


Molly’s Top 5 Favorite Travel Snacks:

(Note, again these aren’t in any particular order, they’re all awesome)

#1. Les Pain De Fleurs, Buckwheat Crackers

These crackers are one of my favorite snacks to have in my bag when I travel. Although I am not a proponent of calorie counting, these crackers are extremely low in calories and great for when I just want something to munch on. If you love to snack when you are in the car or on an airplane then these are a great option. They are completely organic and made from highly digestible buckwheat flour. They contain lots of fiber and are a great source of vitamins and minerals.


#2. Shanti Bars with Maca

These protein bars are one of the most nutrient dense travel snacks that I have seen. I love that all of the ingredients are organic, gluten free and paleo friendly. These bars are delicious and extremely satiating because of the high protein and fat content. They contain between 10g and 17g  of protein depending on flavor and have a very low glycemic index.


#3. Chia Shots

These little packets are an easy and effective way to ensure that you are getting enough fiber when you travel. In addition to fiber, these superfoods contain tons of omega 3s, calcium, and antioxidants. I love to keep them on hand to sprinkle into yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies or even salads!



#4. Manitoba Hemp Seed Packets

Hemp seeds are an amazing source of plant based complete protein. They have 10 grams of protein per serving and contain a great blend of essential fats like omega 3 and omega 6. They are a perfect addition to any meal. I throw them on salads, veggie bowls, smoothies, and everything in between!



#5. Juiced Greens by Garden of Life

Of course fresh veggies are ideal, however, when I am traveling it is not always easy to find them. These juiced greens packets are a great veggie supplement to keep on hand when vegetables aren’t readily available. These packets are completely organic and loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.




Remember to visit the shop to purchase our favorite snacks!

Happy start to the summer, it’s going to be a great one!

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