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5 Foods That Squash a Hangover

It happens to all of us. You have a fun night out drinking and wake up feeling like total sh*t the next morning. Most of the time you may try to drink more water or prepare for the hangover you’ll have the next morning, but on occasion you forget to. Well all is not lost because even if you do overdo it and wake up feeling terrible there are certain foods that you can eat to help lessen your hangover- like these 5 foods that squash a hangover.

These foods below all contain healthy nutrients that will help your body (and you) recover from the effects of drinking too much the night before, so read on!

#1 Watermelon: Hydrating and contains L-citrulline that may help to boost blood flow, which can help the body to process toxins better and can help to promote you to feel better faster. Eat it on it’s own or use it as part of a juice or a smoothie.

#2 Lemon peel:

This may sound like a strange food item but keep reading. Lemon peel contains an antioxidant called de-limonene that may amp up liver enzyme production that can help to flush the body of toxins more quickly. If you put a lemon (skin-on) in some water you’ll get a double boost from the water (hydration always helps to squash a hangover) plus the benefit of our friend de-limonene.

#3 Bananas: Bananas are truly one of my favorite foods for so many reasons (although they often get a bad wrap). In this case bananas may be helpful for two reasons, firstly they contain the electrolyte potassium that can help to promote hydration and fluid balance, and second bananas are a source of vitamin B6. Some research found that the vitamin B6 in a banana may help to improve hangover symptoms by up to 50% (I’m not making any promises on this one, but grab a banana it’s a good choice!). Eat your banana by itself or put it in a smoothie or on a sandwich.

#4 Eggs: Eggs are often thought of as a hangover food, especially when served with other greasy items like hash browns. I don’t know about you, but eating greasy food when I already feel gross doesn’t help me- but that might be just me. The eggs in the equation may actually be really helpful in squashing your hangover. Eggs are a source of the amino acid cysteine that may help to lessen hangover symptoms. Have your eggs any way you like, but I’d recommend holding a side of those greasy fries you’re tempted to have- you’ll feel more like yourself more quickly if you skip them.

#5 Green leafy vegetables: Although these may not seem like the most appealing food item to have when you feel like sh*t, however they’re a good source of mood-boosting folate, and also of potassium- that electrolyte also found in bananas. We typically run a little low in potassium after a heavy night of drinking due to the diuretic effect of alcohol- and potassium is key for hydration and fluid balance. You can add your greens to the eggs I recommended you have above (try this yummy egg recipe) or blend your greens into a tasty smoothie with peanut butter, banana and some almond milk.