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Fall Football Food Roundup

Fall is here! And so is football season.

There’s something really exciting about cozy Sundays with yummy food, friends and family, right? I hear a lot from clients that they want great recipes to make for sundays but they’re at a loss… so let me help you!

This is a mix of healthy-for-you recipes, as well as some dessert options and more. Feel free to add your own flare and your own spice/herb and/or sauce!

Let’s start with the sweets:

  1. Pear and Zucchini Oat Bread

  2. Rice Crispy Treats

    Now for the snacks!

  3. Easy Carrot Nachos

  4. Chunky Sweet Potato Fries with Nomato Sauce


  5. Carrot Red Lentil Chili 

  6. Mini Turkey Sweet Potato Sliders with Sweet Potato Bun

We’ll add more through the season! Stay tuned for more tasty recipes, but just a few to get the season started.

Here’s to a happy and healthy fall!

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