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5 Simple Tips to Improve Digestion

By February 8, 2019June 5th, 2020No Comments

5 Simple Tips to Improve DigestionDigestion is a HOT topic in my private practice.

Though I work with many different types of people for many different reasons, digestive health is one main reason that many of my clients come seeking my help.

Though I’ve found that it is a lot about what we eat, when it comes to gut health and feeling great, it also has a lot to do with HOW we eat. What I mean by how we eat, is in regards to what we’re doing when eating, how much attention we’re paying, where our focus is – and a few more things.

Along with changing around the what my clients are eating, I spend a lot of time focusing on helping them look at the HOW they’re eating- because without tuning into our patterns, there’s really no way our symptoms can improve. And of course we can call this mindful eating, but ALSO there’s a few more things below that can be of help.

5 Simple Tips to Improve Digestion

1. Look at your food (lol — YES! I talk about this all day long- because most of us are NOT looking at our food if we’re eating at our desks- when you look at your food it tells your brain that it’s time to eat).

2. CHEW your food 😬😬… yeah lol agin, but seriously your mouth is the only place you can actually grind up your food – which can help improve nutrient absorption

3. Try not to drink ALL your water during your meal- it can dilute those important digestive fluids that you really need to properly digest your food. Aim to have sips during your meal to help (literally) with getting your food into your belly, but the majority of your drinking should be 15 minutes before, or 15 minutes after your meals.

4. Take a moment to breathe and slow down before you eat– why? Because if you’re entering a meal in a panicked or super busy and disconnected way your body will be less likely to release key digestive enzymes (cue- if your body thinks it’s running from a tiger there’s no need for proper digestion).  Digestion does involve looking, smelling, observing, sensing your food- so take advantage of this and take a moment to SLOW down.

5. LOVE WHAT YOU EAT- at least most of the time! Honestly, don’t eat stuff you don’t like, and let’s leave the guilt elsewhere.

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