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Corporate Nutrition Presentation

Alvarez & Marsal

It’s no secret that we spend most of our lives doing our jobs (well most of us, anyway); for most of us in the U.S. that means a job that requires little to no physical activity (about 80% of the population falls into this category- here’s the article research).

As we continue to get more and more unhealthy as a population, and spend more time at our desk, more attention needs to be spent educating people about ways to stay healthy and fit in the office. Well that’s where I come in.

Yesterday, I did just that– I spent an hour with a fabulous group of people at Alvarez and Marsal–  a company with a very impressive corporate wellness program. The theme of my talk was “Surviving the Office: Simple Tips to Keep You Healthy & Fit.”

During the talk we spoke about ways to get more whole foods, tips for moving throughout the day, we even debunked some myths about cutting out gluten, juicing, artificial sugar and more.

I’m so excited to be a part of a world where corporations are integrating health and wellness professionals to help keep their employees healthy, happy and fit- it’s so important not only for the health of the employee but also for the productivity of the company.

Thank you again for having me Alvarez & Marsal!

Want to learn more about my services or have me come talk to your company? Email [email protected].