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ISN 2018 Holiday Pet Gift List

This year, I’m starting the holiday planning list with pets, you know I just love my dogs!

This list is “pets” but also, really dog focused, so if you have a pet that isn’t a dog, check out the brands and products below and see what else they have for you. Chances are you’ll find something else from one of these AWESOME brands for your pet!

OK, let’s get started, here it is!

ISN 2018 Holiday Pet Gift List:

Food: The Farmer’s Dog

We love this stuff, and so do our pups. It’s delivered once a month and is fresh food, in a better consistency for your pups, and our pups have really grown shinier coats, and had less bad breath and anxiety since starting. (PS, by clicking the link above and ordering you’ll get 50% off your first order!)

Carrying bag: Love Thy Beast:

We love this carrying case, it’s super cute and perfect for one or two pups (we put two in ours!).

Toys: Jax and Bones Rope Toys:

Dog toys can be seriously toxic, and we love this company because their toys are non-toxic, and also because they’re rope, acts as “dental floss” for the pups- also a good thing. We like this toy because you can play tug of war, but there are plenty of other shapes we love too!

Clothing: Henry’s Favorite Pullover:

We love this company, yes they make clothes for slightly longer dogs… but our yorkies aren’t “long dogs” and what we particularly love is that these clothes aren’t too short, AND they’re reversible. Henry LOVES this soft pullover!

Treats: Bocce’s Bakery Treats:

We love Bocce’s Bakery… ALL the flavors. We especially like the pb & banana, because I like to be able to eat what my dogs eat- LOL, but seriously. This company is small-batch and well sourced, and mostly grain free too!

Lifestyle: Lounging Tee Pee:

I want one of these, seriously. I love these stylish and cute dog tee pees. Our pups love these types of places, because really they all just want a place to go and hide! Comes in many colors too.

Happy holidays to you and your pets!

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