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5 Ways to Energize Your Fall

By September 24, 2018June 5th, 2020No Comments

Fall has many of us feeling so tired, myself included.

What is it? I’ve often wondered why suddenly when the fall season arrives I feel so exhausted. As the days get shorter and and we’re exposed to less sunshine, changes start to happen in our own bodies, which can include a sudden dip in energy. 

If you’re like me, and find yourself feeling kind of sluggish now that summer is over, here’s a few reasons that we can end up more tired, and my top tips to help energize your fall!

1. Allergies

Allergies are in full swing during the fall. It’s a season of grasses, weeds and molds… HELLO allergies! Eating more Vitamin-C and quercetin rich foods can help with seasonal allergies, and so can avoiding foods that tend to be more moldy (if you know you have a mold allergy)- i.e. berries, mushrooms, vinegars, walnuts, pecans, peanuts.

Supplements that may help (if you don’t know how to take these, get in touch!)- nettle leaf, quercetin, and buffered Vitamin-C.

2. Getting our rhythm back in check

Fall is BUSY! Getting back into a regular rhythm for many of us can feel totally exhausting. I always recommend to clients to really work on regulating and creating consistency in their daytime wake/sleep routine. I find that this can really help when it comes to energy levels and feeling more energized. For example, try to get in  (and out!) of bed about the same time each day, as well as eat your meals around the same time.

Additionally, try to plan ahead by making time and space to prepare easy, healthy meals that you can batch prep, like these:

3. More caffeine

Yep, mo’ caffeine mo’ problems (lol not really but kind of!). Busy fall can mean overdoing it on caffeine. Be easy on yourself. We love caffeine and caffeinated products, but often anything that we do too much of is an issue. Instead of reaching for your next cup of coffee try some of these delicious caffeine free alternatives HERE.

Personally, you’ll find me drinking organic mushroom elixirs throughout the day, check out my Simple Morning Elixir recipe to make your own .

4. Fall food is heavier

Seasonal fall food tends to be heavier and carbier than summer foods, this means more work for your digestive system. Fall foods include many root veggies, and of course, with football and cooler weather, we’re more likely to reach for comfort foods that make us feel cozy.

I’m definitely not saying you need to skip them, but you’ll want to try to lighten the foods you eat as the day goes on (more about this later!) to ease the pressure on your digestive system- it really helps!

  • Aim to include foods like these:
  • Greens- as many as you can find
  • Less starchy root veggies- squashes, fennel etc
  • Raw foods at lunchtime, cooked foods in the evening

5. Stress

Stress is major for so many of the clients and families that I work with. Fall is a BUSY season and one that’s often tough for so many of us (holidays, school, kids requirements and more). Make sure you’re practicing some stress-busting routines including: 

  • Yoga
  • Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Exercise – in general this helps
  • Getting good sleep – wow is this important !
  • Supplements (you’ll want to get in touch for these!):
  • CBD- yes we love this
  • Magnesium
  • Adrenal support supplements

We love fall, and as we adjust our routine it gets easier to remain energized. If you find yourself feeling sluggish this season, we work with many clients to help optimize energy, ease their routines, and overall feeling great! 


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