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6 Daily Mantras I Practice Every Day

6 Daily Mantras I Practice Every DayI am frequently asked about where my motivation comes from, and how I stay on top of everything I’m doing.

It’s not simple to run a business (soon to be two), have a social life, excel at things you’re afraid of doing, take care of yourself, and live in every moment (it’s actually impossible). But along the way, I’ve found that there have been some really helpful things I’ve learned, and done that continue to help me each and every day. When I’m making decisions, calling for new opportunities, and also when it comes to taking care of ME.

Here’s 6 mantras I practice every day:

1. Ask and you shall receive.

(Otherwise stated, if you don’t ask, YOU DON’T GET!). I’ve always been fiercely tied to this mantra. Everything “cool” I’ve done, everything exciting I’ve been involved with, has been because I asked to do it. No one has EVER come to me with the coolest idea ever- I’ve paved my path and asked for what I’ve wanted (if you don’t know what you want, that’s ok, stay focused on the what makes you happy and you’ll get there- but do ask for things, always).

2. Stay present (otherwise stated, don’t get too ahead of yourself, you’ll be too outcome focused).

I practice this one myself, and also with my clients. I hear clients all day every day be too focused on the outcome – weight loss, or whatever it is, and so much so that they’re unfocused on the here and now. If you focus on the here and now you’ll get the outcome you want, I promise (and maybe sooner).

3. Think outside the box.

ALWAYS do this one. There’s not much more than that to be said about this one!

4. Rest when you need to.

Oh boy are we good at avoiding and ignoring what our bodies are asking for. Don’t forget to do this. It may pain your spirit to take a break, but your body can only handle what your body can handle, and a little rest goes a long way. I promise.

5. Ask for help!

Just do it. I’m a really good only child who’s “really good” at doing everything herself, PSHHH were better in numbers.

6. Practice JOY.

This is a part of my business that I’ve been growing and growing- and I call it joy counseling, but really, we’ve forgotten to practice the things that have no pressure for outcome, but that exist for our sheer enjoyment. We do these things when we’re children, but we have all let them go in one way or another. What brings you joy? That may hold no glorious gold plaque or outcome, but that you do just for the sake of it? Do it.

I’m learning as I go as well, but these 6 practices really help me make each day more meaningful.

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