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Our Favorite Substitutes to Curb Your Coffee Habit

Our Favorite Substitutes to Curb Your Coffee HabitWe love coffee, but….

Sometimes too much of a good thing, isn’t so good for you. First of all, let’s not knock coffee- the research supports that it’s good for us because it’s got antioxidants, and may help us live longer; BUT I find that most of us drink too much of it, so maybe it’s time to look at a few coffee substitutes.

Too much caffeine can really zap our adrenals, not to mention it’s REALLY easy to load up on garbage in our coffee (creamers, sugar etc)- so taking a step back altogeher from both coffee and the additives is never bad.

On this list we have options that have caffeine and also some that are caffeine- free. You choose, both are good.

Mushroom “Coffee”

We LOVE the mushroom “coffee”- aka – no coffee in these products (We LOVE those products by the way- see this Simple Elixir Recipe!). Many coffee-free products like these are made with reishii, chaga, cordyceps, and lion’s mane mushrooms- and are a yummy blend that are immune-supportive and offer good nutrients for our entire bodies. Some of the other nutrient benefits of mushroom elixirs include antioxidants, melanin (specifically in chaga mushrooms), and beta glucans that may promote the immune system.

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha tea isn’t caffeine free- and in some cases can be as strong as regular coffee- but it ain’t coffee (which is why it’s on the list). Matcha tea is different from regular green tea because in making matcha tea, the entire leaf is ground up and mixed with water instead of just steeping the leaves in hot water. Matcha does typically have more caffeine than other types of green tea because the whole leaf is consumed, however it’s generally less than coffee. To compare- an 8 oz serving of matcha has about 70 mg of caffeine whereas 8 oz coffee has about 100 mg. Slightly better!

Dandelion Tea (aka “dandy tea”)

Made from dandelion root, dandy tea can be found in a tea or coffee-like form and both looks and feels a little like coffee, but it’s actually caffeine free! Another dandelion tea benefit- it contains about 3 grams of fiber per cup and also has some minerals like iron, zinc, and electrolytes like potassium and calcium and many tout it to feel just like coffee (including the “buzz”). Try out this dandy blend to make your own brew at home! 


We love maca root.  Maca root contains energizing, hormone-balancing properties and may also aid in boosting virility and stamina too; so, many atheltes use it- and we like it too. Maca powder is a no-caffeine option, and you can add it to a smoothie (start ½ tsp to begin) or make it with some yummy almond milk or mix with a creamer like this one. Yum!

White tea

White teas are a great alternative to other caffeinated teas- and like other teas they contain antioxidants, anti-aging properties, heart-healthy benefits, and immune-boosting properties too (we love this).  They’re not totally caffeine free- but you can get a little caffeine fix, along with some other props in under 40 mg of caffeine.


Ginseng has long been used in Chinese and herbal medicine for it’s anti-cancer benefits and even for its energy-promoting properties. Ginseng is known as an adaptogen and may help to support the adrenal system, which can help to promote energy. Try using ginseng similar to how you do your ginger- cut about an inch and pour hot water over the root to have as a drink!  

Golden Milk Latte

Your mornings just got a little bit spicier with this satisfyingly nutritious latte. Golden Milk is a caffeine free drink created by blending of turmeric, cinnamon, your favorite sweetener and a touch of black pepper with warm dairy free milk. Turmeric is commonly known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and is high in antioxidants and phytonutrients. You can make your own blend from scratch or  keep it simple and use  this mix!

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