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9 Simple Tips For Brightening Your Home in Fall and Winter

Fall and winter are HARD months if you live in the Northern Hemisphere (at least for me!).

It means long nights and shorter, and darker days. I and many of my clients suffer from seasonal affective disorder, which makes it really hard to feel happy in these darker, colder months.

Fear not, you’re not alone.

I was thinking what I do in the winter that makes me feel brighter and happier, and I wanted to share what I do, in hopes that it too may help you.

Many of these tips have to do with literally brightening your home, but there are some other tips here too.

I hope they’re helpful, and as always we LOVE your feedback.

9 Simple Tips For Brightening Your Home in Fall and Winter

  1. Fresh flowers: Always (if you follow me on instagram you know this!)
  2. Swap your light bulbs for soft white, and make sure they’re as much wattage as your lamps can handle.
  3. Add extra lights (seriously); got a dark corner? Brighten it up!
  4. Light candles (you get the theme!)
  5. Bring some of my outdoor plants inside. 
  6. Make sure I have a bowl (or two) of extra fruits and veggies around. Their bright colors can brighten the room and bring the outdoors in.
  7. I put my Christmas tree up as early as I can (if you don’t celebrate Christmas- put some seasonal decorations up (and consider leaving them for as long as you can)
  8. Spring cleaning–>consider fall cleaning. I’m careful to declutter as much as I can in the winter, because I spend a LOT more time inside. Less clutter means more calm.
  9. Make more space in your house for yourself. I am constantly rearranging the furniture (sorry Paul!) – and this is the perfect time of year to do it. Make more space for yourself to relax

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