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Tips to Help Beat Winter Blues

Does fall make you feel stressed?

Yeah me too, I’m right here with you. I’m struggling to adjust to less light, less heat, and more inside-time.

My body does really well when I have a lot of light, heat and outdoor space. Not so much when im trapped inside and feeling oh-so-anxious.

I’ve been thinking really hard about some tips and tactics that I have to help myself out when I’m feeling blue, so wanted to share with you what those have been for me.

Tips to help fight the winter blues:

  • Rope in some mindfulness… as I feel myself wanting to eat sugary foods, when I’m not hungry, and lean on food as a cure. I work on non-judgement style mindfulness, pulling in awareness to help me through it.
  • Watch the sugar… oh man is this a big one for me. I NEED to be careful of this in winter months when I’m more likely to just go for it.  I will aim to have unsweetened, dried mango and pineapple around to help my sweet tooth, because I really need something but want to be careful. Extra sugar when already feeling anxious can actually make it feel worse.
  • Ramp up the omega 3’s… these actually do help with inflammation, anxiety and swelling. So I take extra omega 3’s in the winter (about 3 grams a day)- plus eat some wild fish here and there. I choose this Nordic Naturals ProOmega formula.
  • I make sure to make more friend plans… oh wow is this important for me. I tend to isolate when I’m stressed or sad, so in the winter I am really likely to be alone. However, I’ve made more of an effort in recent years to make sure I don’t fall into this trap (yes, it’s a trap) – because it’s impossible to get out of. I aim for 2 friend meetings a week to help me stay sane and happy.
  • I’m extra focused on good-quality sleep at this time of year… it’s a must. I am not a great sleeper anyway, so I’m super serious about good quality sleep in the winter because it helps me, here’s my checklist:
    • Earplugs
    • Eye mask
    • 5HTP before bed (100 mg)
    • Magnesium citrate powder (about 350 mg)
    • Air filter on
    • Room dark
    • Meditation before bed (counting sheep works too)
  • Turn up the heat! My body does really well with heat, so I make sure to make this happen in the wintertime. It’s hard to do because I can often find myself unmotivated, so here are the things I’ll do to help myself get warmer:
    • hot bath
    • infrared sauna
    • hot yoga
    • gentle run/walk or elliptical
    • steam or traditional sauna!

These are just a few things that come to mind for me, and i’ll keep adding to them as they come along, but I want you to know it’s NORMAL during this time of year to feel like you struggle- it’s hard (ahem, it’s 5 pm and now dark, sigh). We’re all in it together and you can always reach out for tips or help!

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