The Histamine Solution Program

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Learn more about our Histamine/Allergy Program!

What is Histamine Solution? It’s a holistic allergy program!

Do you have chronic allergies and suffer from reactions such as hives, stuffiness, IBS,  a runny nose? This program is going to help you get to the root of the problem and alleviate these annoying side effects.

The 6 weeks will cover:

  • mindset work
  • routine/ schedule
  • detox and toxicity work
  • home and environment as they relate to allergies
  • foods: what you should and shouldn’t be eating for your allergies
  • root causes and getting to the root cause of your allergies
  • supplements and key nutrients for allergies metabolism and symptom relief
  • other topics we’ll cover: sleep, exercise, stress management, parasites and more
  • food journaling and feedback


Week 1: Histamine basics

Week 2: Low histamine diet

Week 3: Environment and allergies

Week 4: Supplements and key nutrients

Week 5: Managing histamine overload

Week 6:Putting it all together and what’s next!


WHEN: SIGN UP ANYTIME! We’re constantly enrolling.

Our zooms are currently monday nights @ 8 PM EST… but we will happily add calls if need be!



  • 6 Weekly Group Zoom Calls
  • Modules- released weekly for you to listen to (1-2 a week!)
  • Private Facebook group for support between group calls (you’ll have access to me/ my team separately if you want to ask us questions privately)
  • Journaling- tracked daily with feedback on a DAILY basis
  • Option for extra 1-1 sessions with me (this is a very high touch point group without much extra need for 1-1, but it’s an option!) and my team (stool testing also an option) to further personalize your nutrition, supplements, exercise, sleep and lifestyle plan
  • Food/lifestyle tracking and accountability via our secure Isabel Smith Nutrition App
  • Personalized supplement protocol (at a discounted cost!)
  • Lifestyle and exercise recommendations

This program is for you if:

  • If you want to get to the root cause of your allergies
  • Are confused about why you’ve struggled to find allergy relief
  • If you want to find natural solutions for your allergies
  • Want to feel better!
  • Want to increase your energy and clear your brain fog
  • Are ready to get personalized and sustainable results
  • You absolutely and truly want to lead your healthiest and happiest life
  • You’re looking to understand your body in a more holistic way and ready to LEARN about your body

Want to get started? Apply HERE!

Want to see what people are saying about working with Isabel?

“The Histamine Solution course was absolutely fantastic! Isabel and her team were able to provide a safe, comfortable group setting that allowed to provide easy access to information for all group members, while also still providing personalized recommendations and support. Since doing this group, my histamine reactions have decreased significantly in both frequency and intensity. I’m at my lowest weight and have the most energy I’ve had in years! I would highly recommend this group to anyone who is experiencing struggles with histamine release.”- Brittany
“Isabel truly is the histamine queen! I am so incredible happy I found her and took this course. It was perfect timing. I was really struggling with food anxiety and weird allergic reactions. She gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to listen to my body and manage my histamines. I know now that I will never have to eat only chicken, rice, and squash for the rest of my life!”- Sarah

“Isabel helped me get to the root cause of why I felt so crummy for so long. I had been stuffy, sneezing, and congested most of the time and Isabel sorted me out! I’m so grateful.” – Tim

“I never thought that I could actually feel better, and I actually went to see Isabel for other things, but she immediately zeroed into my allergies. She had me take specially tailored supplements, and a new food plan, and I immediately felt so much better. It’s been quite a journey but I feel so much better!” – Mary

“Isabel has helped me tune into my body and my self more than I could ever imagine. What I thought was a gut health issue was actually allergies, and Isabel helped me understand what was going on in my body and get to the root cause! I’m so thankful.” – Jane

“I’ve had the good fortune of working w Isabel Smith for nearly a year— easily the most challenging and critical year of my life, health wise. Aside from meeting my initial goals of learning how to lead a healthier and more nutritious life, coincidentally i was diagnosed with colitis, third nerve palsy and prostate cancer just after the start of my consultations with Isabel. As a result, she advised me through a variety of challenges associated with these diseases, serving as my nutritionist and much more. I am grateful for her counsel and expertise. And grateful I emerged from this challenging year in excellent health.” – Bob