The Histamine Solution Program

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Learn more about our Histamine/Allergy Program!

What is Histamine Solution? It’s a holistic allergy program!

Do you have chronic allergies and suffer from reactions such as hives, stuffiness, IBS,  a runny nose? This program is going to help you get to the root of the problem and alleviate these annoying side effects.

The 6 weeks will cover:

  • mindset work
  • routine/ schedule
  • detox and toxicity work
  • home and environment as they relate to allergies
  • foods: what you should and shouldn’t be eating for your allergies
  • root causes and getting to the root cause of your allergies
  • supplements and key nutrients for allergies metabolism and symptom relief
  • other topics we’ll cover: sleep, exercise, stress management, parasites and more
  • food journaling and feedback

WHEN: We’ll be relaunching soon, but you can apply anytime, below! Get your app in so you’ll be the first to be considered



  • 6 Weekly Group Zoom Calls
    • Each week we will have a daytime and evening Zoom call time – join us at whichever time works best for you
  • Weekly Group Zooms will focus on the topic of the week for 20-30 minutes and then discuss as a group (these will be recorded if you miss them!)- followed by Q & A’s before we wrap up
  • Private Facebook group for support between group calls (you’ll have access to me/ my team separately if you want to ask us questions privately)
  • Option for extra 1-1 sessions with me (this is a very high touch point group without much extra need for 1-1, but it’s an option!) and my team (stool testing also an option) to further personalize your nutrition, supplements, exercise, sleep and lifestyle plan
  • Food/lifestyle tracking and accountability via our secure Isabel Smith Nutrition App
  • Personalized supplement protocol (at a discounted cost!)
  • Lifestyle and exercise recommendations

This program is for you if:

  • If you want to get to the root cause of your allergies
  • Are confused about why you’ve struggled to find allergy relief
  • If you want to find natural solutions for your allergies
  • Want to feel better
  • Want to increase your energy and clear your brain fog
  • Are ready to get personalized and sustainable results
  • You absolutely and truly want to lead your healthiest and happiest life
  • You’re looking to understand your body in a more holistic way and ready to LEARN about your body

This is not for you if:

  • You aren’t ready to feel better
  • You are looking for a one-sized fits all plan
  • You want a cheap fix
  • You aren’t willing to invest in your health
  • You’re not ready for making long term change (behavioral or anything else!)
  • You don’t like collaborating in a group setting- (hint: my 1-1 coaching may be better for you! EMAIL me ([email protected])).

Want to get started? Apply HERE!

Want to see what people are saying about working with Isabel?

Isabel helped me get to the root cause of why I felt so crummy for so long. I had been stuffy, sneezing, and congested most of the time and Isabel sorted me out! I’m so grateful. – Tim

I never thought that I could actually feel better, and I actually went to see Isabel for other things, but she immediately zeroed into my allergies. She had me take specially tailored supplements, and a new food plan, and I immediately felt so much better. It’s been quite a journey but I feel so much better! – Mary

Isabel has helped me tune into my body and my self more than I could ever imagine. What I thought was a gut health issue was actually allergies, and Isabel helped me understand what was going on in my body and get to the root cause! I’m so thankful. – Jane

I’ve had the good fortune of working w Isabel Smith for nearly a year— easily the most challenging and critical year of my life, health wise. Aside from meeting my initial goals of learning how to lead a healthier and more nutritious life, coincidentally i was diagnosed with colitis, third nerve palsy and prostate cancer just after the start of my consultations with Isabel. As a result, she advised me through a variety of challenges associated with these diseases, serving as my nutritionist and much more. I am grateful for her counsel and expertise. And grateful I emerged from this challenging year in excellent health. – Bob