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5 Toxic Ingredients in Makeup to Avoid

By May 13, 2019June 5th, 2020No Comments

5 Toxic Ingredients in Makeup to AvoidOh how I love my makeup!

As a kid my mom and I would always go shopping for makeup. She has beautiful skin and has always had a really strong self-care routine around what she puts on her face, so naturally that was one thing we did as a kid together, and since then I’ve really loved makeup and loved to find new great brands to try.

I have always loved super pigmented makeup that’s rich and creamy, so when I started to switch over to natural makeup I was totally at a loss for brands I love (when I first tried to switch over to nontoxic). Over time, nontoxic makeup has gotten SO MUCH BETTER, and there are plenty of brands I love (see below).

I have so many women who I work with that I try to convince to think about switching over their makeup routine to more holistic, more natural products, because truly the ingredients in makeups are really bad for us (in most cases) – some ingredients worse than others, and can be endocrine and hormone disruptors; which for many of my clients trying to balance their hormones, can make the process even more difficult.

To help you start to think about ingredients to identify in your makeup that may be bad for your skin and your body, I’ve outlined a few here for you! And to help support the process of switching over to more natural makeup, suggested a few brands at the bottom that I love.

5 Toxic Ingredients in Makeup to Avoid


Love the color and/or scent of your latest beauty product? You may be able to thank Phthalates for the vibrant color or oh to die for sent.  These are harmful because they can be disruptive to the endocrine system in both men and women. Women may experience lower egg production quantity and quality, while Men may experience decreased fertility. Other reproduction issues for both sexes are possible, so be sure to check what products are responsible for the color and scent of your favorite products.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 
Can’t resist a good foamy cleanser?  Well, you can often thank SLS for that oh so satisfying foam. Unfortunately SLS can also be found in garage floor cleaners and is known to cause eye damage and skin irritation.

Propylene Glycol
Known as petroleum plastics, this is classified by the EPA as toxic. Warnings include brain, skin, and kidney problems.

A preservative that is often found in deodorant and other skin products. Known to contribute to hormone imbalances.

A synthetic antibacterial, that’s also registered as a pesticide. Triclosan gets classified as a chlorophenol – meaning that it’s suspected of causing cancer in humans.

OK, so which brands/products to choose?? Here’s a few I love…

I have a few of my fave products in the store, go check it out!