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4 Steps to Identify Your Why

We’re constantly deciding to make changes- lose weight, water the lawn more often, spend more time with the kids. We’re really good at thinking about the thing we’d like to do more or less of, but the thing we often forget is the real root reason for the change- the why.

What is the why?

Identifying your why is perhaps the most important part of making any kind of change– it’s the root cause for making the change and the thing that will be bettered by making the change.

Why identify the why?

Understanding your why is truly the key to unlocking the door to success. Some changes require more digging deep than others, especially health-related changes (like weight loss). These types of changes can sometimes take longer to achieve and may require more work; therefore, digging deep to identify the driving force and outcome of your mission can help you stay on track at times when the end goal may seem like it’s impossible to reach. Thoroughly thinking through and identifying the why can help to make the process of achieving the goal more satisfying and can help keep you on track through the process.

4 steps to identifying your why:

1. Start with the end goal: For example- 10 lb weight loss, healthier skin, etc

2. Make a list of the things that will benefit from your goal: For example- better fitting clothes, more energy, fewer wrinkles, more confidence.

3. Identify the root cause for wanting to make your change: For example- longer life, improved mobility.

4. Keep your “why” in a convenient place: When you need it to remind you why you’re making your change, it’ll be right there for you. It really works, so get going!

Remember that you’re making whatever change you’re making for an improved outcome- so do your best to keep reminding yourself through the process of why you’re doing it- it really helps!