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Top Fitness Gifts 2015

The 2015 holiday season is here! And so are all of us gift-buyers looking for new ideas. Looking for ideas for all those fitness-crazed people in your life? Check out my top fitness gifts for 2015 below.

  1. Rumble Roller Foam Roller: Foam rollers are awesome for working out tight muscles, knots and massaging the fascia that connects our muscles. This product is by a company called Rumble Roller, click here to visit the site.
  2. BKR water bottle: I absolutely love this water bottle, it’s glass surrounded by silicone and makes for a great and safe way to carry your water around throughout the day- without having to worry about any issues caused by plastic bottles. Click here to visit BKR.
  3. Bose SoundSport Headphones: Headphones are crucial for your workout (duh), and these are specially created to stay in your ears, so there’s no slipping. They’re also equipped with a microphone and volume toggle right on the headphones. Click here to visit the Bose site.
  4. Withings Activite Pop Watch: This watch is an awesome accessory for anyone who wants to track their sleep, steps, movment. This device is also the only one on the market that is water proof and safe to swim with, and the software tracks swim strokes too. Click here to visit the Withings site.
  5. Nike Flyknit/Lunar Glide running shoes: Nothing is better than to get the new year started with new shoes to run in. I love these sneakers and wear them myself. Visit the store here.
  6. Yoga Tune Up Balls: These balls work wonders on all those hard-to-reach spots that get tight in your muscles. They’re really great at getting knots out and working on tight and sore muscles. Visit the site here.
  7. Lifeline Power Speed Jump Rope: Jump ropes are great because you can travel with them, and they certainly offer an awesome workout. Visit the site here.
  8. TRX Suspension Trainer: This portable gym is great for working every inch of your body, and the product comes with how-to-use instructions and video tutorials for working every muscle you’ve got. I love this product myself because I take it with me places and hang on the back of any door. Visit the TRX site here.
  9. Nike Training Club App: This app is a great free (!!!) gift you can give anyone with a smart phone or tablet this Christmas. It’s filled with tons of workouts for any level, and is sure to give you a butt-kicking workout. Visit the app store here.
  10. Lululemon gloves: Lululemon makes a ton of great tech-friendly gloves in all sorts of designs, colors and for varying temperatures. I love these gloves and wear them all the time. Visit the site here.