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12 Minute Park Bench Workout

Quick and simple workouts that get your heart rate up are totally the name of the game– and especially ones that you can take anywhere with you.

This workout was inspired by Central Park right here in New York City and also by my love for jumping all over the park benches. Park benches are great to use for exercises because they’re stable and provide a great platform for pushups, jump squats and more! Park benches are also something that almost everyone should be able to find relatively easily, so hopefully this post inspires you to use them as well!

Enjoy this 12 minute park bench workout!

Warm Up:
Jog in place for 1-2 minutes, alternating 15 seconds jog, 15 seconds jumping jacks

Exercise 1: Step Ups

Repeat, alternating legs for 1 minute

Remember to squeeze glutes (butt) while doing this one and drive knee up toward chest!

Exercise 2: Push Ups 

Repeat for 1 minute

To make it harder: Do more!!

To modify: Use the back of the bench to make it easier, or do them on the ground to make it harder

Exercise 3: Plyometric Switch Step

Repeat for 1 minute

Modification: March or jog in place to make it easier or to modify for any knee issues, or hold hands above head to make it harder

Exercise 4: Tricep Dips

Repeat for 1 minute

Modification: Bent knees makes it easier, straight lets makes it harder!

Exercise 5: Jump Squats

Repeat for 1 minute

Modification: Step up and squat- alternating lead leg each repetition

Repeat Exercises 1-5

Cool Down:

March in-place, jog or simply walk for 1-2 minutes to get your heart rate down– this is important before stretching. Once your heart rate is down, then begin your stretching routine. Foam rolling is also a fantastic practice to get into for cooling down muscles. Finally, but not least important is hydration… make sure you are properly hydrated!